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About TRI Transmission & Bearing Corp.

TRI Journal Bearings

TRI provides Consulting Engineering Services and Manufactured Products that are generally related to solving rotor vibration and bearing damage issues for Rotating Machinery, from the largest to the smallest. TRI also specializes in resolving all types of fluid drive problems. TRI designs and manufactures new mechanical equipment and components including TRI Align-A-Pad® Bearings and large, high powered variable speed fluid drives for electrical generating plants and similar installations.

Since its inception in 1961, TRI has had a very strong and broad analytical engineering foundation. Over the years, TRI has acquired an extensive experience base in the US electrical generation industry. With these capabilities and this experience, TRI personnel are able with great confidence to identify problems in existing equipment, and to design and manufacture hardware solutions to “Take Problems off the Maintenance List.” Additionally, with this experience base of what works and what does not work, TRI is able to design new equipment for both new applications and upgrades that will be very reliable throughout the operating lifetime with a minimum of maintenance.