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New Technology System: Emergency Lube Oil Pump Systems based on AC / UPS / VFD Technology and Other Commercially Available Components

Historically, almost all emergency lube oil pumps for Steam Turbine-Generators, Compressors and Pumps, and other rotating machinery have been based on either DC battery power or on auxiliary steam power. These usually work, but do have drawbacks.

TRI Transmission & Bearing Corporation has a new generation emergency lube oil pumping system that addresses these drawbacks.

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The speed of almost every variable speed fluid drive is controlled by a moving scoop tube, the heart of a fluid drive. When the fluid element rotates, a torus of oil forms within the rotating shell that surrounds the impeller and runner. The diameter of the inside surface of this torus of oil is controlled by a “scoop tube” that scoops oil from the surface and discharges it outside of the shell so that it can recirculate. In almost all fluid drives, the flow rate of circuit oil (working oil) through the fluid drive element is constant, driven by positive displacement pumps. The scoop tube does not change the amount of oil flowing through the element, it simply changes the inside radius of the torus of circuit oil in the fluid drive element.

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