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Pump Bearings

 Boiler Feed Pump Bearings

Boiler feed pumps are a critical components. A good bearing system will reduce vibrations in the pump and keep a unit running even in adverse conditions. There are many aspects to a good bearing design for pumps. TRI has experience with bearings, pumps and many other types of rotating equipment.

Weather you are dealing with bearing damage or pump vibration issues, TRI has a an experienced engineering staff that can analyze your system, recommend and refurbish bearing improvements or design a better pump bearing systems.

TRI has introduced a new line of tilt pad bearings specifically designed for boiler feed pumps. These bearings have a compact design so that they fit within the physical limitation typically required in bearing retrofit jobs.

 The tilting pad bearing design offers advantages over more simplistic bearing designs. The main advantage is the ability of the bearing to adapt to movement caused by thermal expansion. As hot water enters the boiler feed pump, the center line will typically rise throwing your equipment out of alignment. This will lead to increasing bearing temperatures and vibration.

Our bearings can be used with Ingersoll pump, KSB pumps and many others

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