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Fluid Drive Upgrades To Maximize Reliability

Fluid drives can be very reliable. A typical time frame between routine maintenance on a fluid drive designed and built by TRI and run continuously is approximately 10 years. However, all fluid drives are not built alike. There are many fluid drives by other manufacturers which can only operate at higher speed without much slip.

TRI Heavy-duty fluid drives are capable of high speed with large turn down ratios. Our proven solutions have been in operations for over 30 years.

Hare are some of the factors which influence the reliability of fluid drives:

  • Suitability to the application: size, speed, power, turndown ratio.
  • Component design features, materials and details
  • The vibration and temperature monitoring instrumentation
  • Foundation, sole plate, grout and alignment retention
  • Associated equipment: drivers, gears, flexible couplings and loads.
  • Operation practices
  • Rebuild and maintenance practices
  • Scoop tube actuator
  • Oil conditioning system
  • Speed/power control system

Back in 2007, Dr. Mel created a presentation for fluid drive upgrades. This presentation explains how fluid drives are used specifically with boiler feed pumps. The operational history and the changes to the standard practices led to issues for which TRI has engineered solutions.