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Tech Note April 1995

Technical Notes from Dr. Mel Giberson, P.E. – TRI President

Examples of New Solutions for Old Problems. Some may apply to your equipment needs

  • Redesign and Manufacture an Up-rated Vertical Thrust Bearing for a Hydro-electric Generator in the Mid-Atlantic Region. The original thrust bearing with Jack Screw loading feature was put into service in 1913.The TRI design of a Self-Equalizing Tilting Pad Thrust Bearing replaces the failed Jack-Screw thrust bearing arrangement. The existing base is modified to accept the new thrust self-equalizing bearing assembly, and a new forged alloy-steel split thrust collar was provided. TRI’s cost effective concept cuts days from the installation procedure by eliminating the need to individually “load” each thrust bearing pad. The new design also provides a greater load capacity. The self-equalizing feature accommodates alignment changes due to continued growth and shifting of the dam.
  • Redesign and Manufacture Monolithic Generator Fans to replace Fans of Welded Design for a Mid-west OEM manufacturer of Generators. Each new TRI monolithic fan is made from a single forging without welding. TRI performs in-depth Finite Element Analyses for new Fan configurations to determine stress distributions, blade natural frequencies, mode shapes, and endurance limit characteristics. The Fan geometry are modified in response to the FEA results. Alloy steel forging chemical and mechanical properties are selected to suit the environmental conditions. TRI makes the 3-D CAM programs for manufacturing the final products using 5-axis CNC milling machines in our facilities. 
  • Redesign and Manufacture Bearing Assemblies for Motors for Boiler Feed Pump Service. New elliptical bore designs significantly reduce vibrations. TRI design features simplify installation and maintenance: have self-aligning capability, accommodate undersize journals (no plating), and avoid babbitt scraping.
  • Remanufacture 15,000 HP Fluid Drives to TRI’s latest Heavy Duty design specifications for Boiler Feed Pump Service in sliding pressure service. These fluid drives incorporate all tilting pad bearings and new shafting arrangements to minimize shaft vibrations at any operating condition, including start-up. Patented and Proprietary designs, methods, and procedures are employed. Technical Seminars in June-July 1995
    • Fluid Drives: Design, Operation, Maintenance, Specifying for New Applications, Re-rating Existing Units, Comparison to other Variable Speed Drives. (Mon-Tue)
    • Journal Bearing Design and its influence on performance of rotating machinery in electircal generation plants. (Wed-Thur)
    • Open Forum: Discussion of topics brought to seminar by attendees (Evening & Fri).
    • Details to be provided in TRI’s May 95 Personalized Fax Letter.
      Seminar Abstract available upon request.

These are a sampling of projects which TRI performs for our customers throughout the US and abroad. TRI’s approach is to provide services and products that improve the operating reliability and availability of our clients’ production facilities in a cost-effective manner. Please contact TRI for innovative solutions to meet your rotating equipment needs.

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