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Tech Note August 1994

Technical Notes from Dr. Mel Giberson, P.E. – TRI President

TRI President Announces Recent US Patents Issued to TRI

These are the result of TRI’s extensive and intensive efforts over the past 20 years to improve the efficiency and reliability of high power fluid drive, typical of Boiler Feed Pump and Fan applications. Many are also useful when upgrading existing fluid drives for sliding pressure applications and/or high turn-down ratio applications.

5,331,881Fluid Drive Impellers and Runners machined via 3-D CAM/CNC from alloy steel forgings with integral reinforcing ring and improved vane edge shapes. Increased power and efficiency result from the optimized cavity shapes and stronger vane structure. The multi-axis CAM/CNC machining provides the necessary flexibility to precisely configure the rotating element size to the power requirement.
5,315,825Fluid Drive Oil System incorporating a circuit oil temperature control valve and separate oil reservoir. This system improves efficiency and reduces oil leakage, foaming, and disposal. 
5,303,801Fluid Drive Brake System. Large calipers on fold-back/removable arms provide greater breaking power, improve reliability, and simplify maintenance. The conventional master cylinder is replaced by a hydraulic intensifier and oil reservoir allowing the system to work. 
5,207,903 Filter Stand Assembly for the support of conventional filters and double circuit valves incorporating trays for draining used filter elements, and an environmentally friendly pan underneath to contain oil drips and leaks. 
5,188,170 Rocker Connection for Heat Exchangers and Pipes that permits rolling, and not the typical sliding support action. No restraint along the axis of the heat exchanger, and almost rigid support in both transverse directions. 

Contact TRI regarding the availability of site licenses for the above patents.

Call, fax or write for inormation on how these TRI patents can solve the problems on you maintenance list.

TRI offers the following products and services:

  • Align-A-Pad Journal Bearings
  • Seals: Floating Ring, Labryinths
  • Oils Systems: New & Upgrades
  • Fluid Drives: Renewal Parts Rebuilds & Upgrades – All Sizes & Models
  • Thrust Brearings: Equalizing & Non-Equalizing, Tilting Pad, Fixed Geometry
  • Components and Impellers made by multi-axis CNC milling machines
  • Consulting services addressing all rotating machinery, emphasizing control of rotor vibration and performance of journal and thrust bearings.

TRI will be exhibiting at the 23rd Turbomachinery Symposium in Dallas from September 13th to the 15th
Our booth is number 122 – Call for Free Exhibit Area Passes and STOP and SAY HELLO

Over 15,000 MW of Electrical Generation Depend Upon TRI Bearings

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