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Tech Note September 1995

Technical Notes from Dr. Mel Giberson, P.E. – TRI President

MORE PATENTS for TRI: Advancement in Design & Manufacture of Impellers from Forgings.

Pat. 5,133,811: Fluid Drive Impellers and Runners are now made with Integral Reinforcing Rings.
This patent permits improved designs that are much stronger, more hydraulically efficient, and have higher vane passing frequency: Long, Long Life. As the older fluid drive impellers and runners develope cracks in the vanes, often attributable to either cyclic operation or sliding pressure service, the new TRI Impellers and Runners should be used, as they are designed to survive in the rough service applications.

Pat. 5,438,755: Shrouded MONOLITHIC Impellers such as Boiler Feedpump Impellers. The new TRI procedure permits impellers to be made from solid forgings. It is particularly applicable for larger impellers with passageways having long, curved arcs from the inlet to outlet. This new TRI process eliminates casting and/or welding, typical of conventional impellers.

Personnel Announcement: Mr. Richard S. Gregory has joined Turbo Research Inc. as Vice President – Marketing and Sales. Mr. Gregory brings many valuable talent and skills to TRI. He was Vice President and General Manager of Kingsbury, Inc. for many years. He obtained his Masters of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the university of Pennsylvania, where his studies included film bearing design. In addition to marketing and sales responsibilities, Rich coordinated many of TRI’s production functions. You will find Rich to be a valuable resource at your service. We are delighted to have Rich join TRI.

Plans for Outages: Reduce Vibration, Upgrade Bearings, Inspect Fluid Drives.

Does your equipment need Babbitted oil-film Bearings that will permit extended operating times between outages? TRI solves difficult bearing and vibration prblems with bearings that can tolerate more unbalance, higher temperatures, wider load ranges (unloaded to high load). TRI manufactures “State of the Art” Babbitted Film Bearings for Steam or Hydro turbines, Generators, Fluid Drives, Motors, Pumps, Gearboxes, Fans and Compressors. TRI Bearings include: self-aligning tilting pad journal bearings, elliptical/fixed bore journal bearings, load-equalizing thrust bearings.

Fluid Drives: Inspections, Upgrades, Repairs, New Parts, Oil Systems, Filters, Field Service, and New Applications.

TRI performs all functions for fluid drives: TRI rebuilds American Blower, American Standard, Voith fluid drives, with new TRI parts. TRI solves vibration problems that are related to load, speed, or scoop tube position. TRI replaces CUNO strainers with real duplex oil filters designed to fit. TRI manufactures New Fluid Drives to optimize variable speed applications to 40,000+hp. The lost heat can be fully recovered in many applications.

Please contact TRI to describe “PROBLEMS ON YOUR MAINTENANCE LIST” for which you WANT SOLUTIONS, or to request TRI Product and Service information:

  • TRI Consulting Engineering – to solve problems and design upgrades
  • Rotor-bearing performance analysis – by TRI proprietary computer simulation
  • Seminars on Bearings Designed and Fluid Drives
    •      designed: related to performance of power generation equipment
    •      drives: design, operation, maintenance
    •      content and dates arranged to suit needs of your power plant.
  • Arrange a visit of TRI’s new Product and Service Display Van

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Over 15,000 MW of Electrical Generation Depend Upon TRI Bearings

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