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Dr. Mel’s Tech Note is a periodic publication.

Over the years, Dr. Mel has accumulated much experience related to power generation and turbo machinery.  These Tech Notes are a sample of some of the problems Dr. Mel has solved over the years.

Tech Note June 2019: Hydrogen Seal and Tilt Pad Bearing Upgrades (html, pdf)

Tech Note July 2018: Fluid Drive Upgrades; Getting 100,000 hours between overhauls (html, pdf)

Tech Note March 2018: Dr. Mel asks, “Why don’t you fix it?” (html, pdf)

Tech Note May 2017: Improved Competitiveness for Conventional Coal & Gas-fired Power Plants (html, pdf)

Tech Note January 2017:  Solving a Sub-Synchronous Rotor Vibration for a Critical Steam Turbine in a Seemingly Small, but Actually, a Large Application (html, pdf)

Tech Note June 2016: Pressure Dam & Elliptical Bore Bearings (html, pdf)

Tech Note February 2015: Improving a Critical Component of a Fluid Drive: The Scoop Tube (html, pdf)

Tech Note September 2014: Emergency Lube Oil Pump System based on AC/UPS/VFD Technology (html, pdf)

Tech Note February 2013: Improved Journal Bearings for Nuclear Powered Turbine-Generators (html, pdf)

Tech Note May 2010: Cracked Bearing Cases; 3 case studies (html, pdf)

Tech Note July 2009: Gearbox Upgrades ( html, pdf)

Tech Note April 2009: The cause and solutions to many problems with ring-oiled bearings (pdf)

Tech Note November 2007: How changes to condenser back pressure and condensate temperature can effect LP Turbine rotor vibrations. (pdf)

Tech Note November 2006: Manufactured Components for a New Co-Gen Facility (pdf)

Tech Note March 2005: Solutions for Problematic MHC Full Arc Controls of GE Steam Turbine-Generators (pdf)

Tech Note March 2005: Solutions For Common Problems of Extension Shafts, Oil Pumps and Steady Rest Bearings For Westinghouse Large Steam Turbine Generators (pdf)

Tech Note October 2003: Emergency Lube Oil Systems (pdf)

Tech Note June 2003: Solutions for over-heating and vibration: two common problems of existing fluid drives. (pdf)

Tech Note April 2003: Alignment Issues of Babbitt Bearings (pdf)

Tech Note Dec 1998: TRI Resolution of Turbine High Amplitude Rotor Vibrations Problem (html)

Tech Note Aug 1998: $7,000 per Megawatt-Hour ($7.00 per kwh)!! (html)

Tech Note Mar 1998: Significantly Increase Power Efficiency (html)

Tech Note August 1997: Extension Shaft Vibration (html)

Tech Note January 1996: TRI Improvements Proven to Maximize Reliability of Fluid Drives (html)

Tech Note August 1996: Reduced Reliability of the AC Power Grid (html)

Tech Note July 1996: The 750 MW Westinghouse Turbine-Generator Improved (html)

Tech Note June 1996: The Facts about Babbitt Bearings (html)

Tech Note September 1995: Advancement in Design & Manufacturing of Impeller from Forgings (html)

Tech Note April 1995: Examples of New Solutions for Old Problems (html)

Tech Note December 1994: TRI’s Mission: Past, Present and Future (html)

Tech Note August 1994: TRI President Announces Recent US Patents Issued to TRI (html)