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Since 1961, TRI Transmission and Bearing Corp. had been providing consulting engineering and manufactured products.


Fixed geometry and tilting pad bearings.

Fluid Drives

Fluid drive and upgrades


Engineering and repair services

Large bearings with lift oil pockets
Large Babbitt bearing with lift oil groove in the lower half

What we do…

TRI provides Consulting Engineering Services and Manufactured Products related to solving rotor vibration and bearing damage issues for Rotating Machinery, from the largest to the smallest. TRI also specializes in resolving all types of fluid drive problems. TRI designs and manufactures new mechanical equipment and components including TRI Align-A-Pad® Bearings and large, high powered variable speed fluid drives for electrical generating plants and similar installations.

Since its inception in 1961, TRI has had a very strong and broad analytical engineering foundation. Over the years, TRI has acquired an extensive experience base in the US electrical generation industry. With these capabilities and this experience, TRI personnel are able with great confidence to identify problems in existing equipment, and to design and manufacture hardware solutions to “Take Problems off the Maintenance List.” Additionally, with this experience base of what works and what does not work, TRI is able to design new equipment for both new applications and upgrades that will be very reliable throughout the operating lifetime with a minimum of maintenance and repair.

TRI’s principal specialty products are Babbitted bearings of all types and variable speed Fluid Drives for boiler feed pumps up to 40,000 hp.



TRI manufactures and repairs fixed bore and tilting pad bearings.

TRI Engineers have developed mathematical models of flexible rotors and film bearings and prepared extensive computer programs that have been used to simulate hundreds of rotor-bearing systems. We continue to use these programs to determine bearing performance characteristics and vibratory behavior of customers’ rotating equipment.

TRI has manufactured hundreds of journal bearings since the early 1970s: tilting-pad and fixed bore, from 1” (25 mm) to 30 “ (750 mm), all types of supports, and for a wide range of applications and speeds. TRI has manufactured journal bearings that are installed in over 50,000 MW of electrical generation and other processes around the world.

Dr. Mel Giberson with a large elliptical bearing
Variable speed fluid drive manufactured by TRI Transmission and Bearing Corp.

Fluid Drives

TRI manufactures, refurbishes and upgrades fluid drives and fluid couplings.

Fluid drives and fluid couplings are hydrodynamic devices that transmits rotational power.

TRI fluid couplings are used for soft starts, vibration isolation and equipment protection. They are run with full oil or with just cooling oil.

TRI fluid drives are similar to fluid couplings with the added variable speed functions. The output speed of a fluid drive can be reduced by removing some of the oil form the inside of the coupling. This creates a slip condition causing the output shaft to slow down. A typical application for the fluid drive is to control the speed of a pump or compressor.

TRI Services and upgrades fluid drives by other suppliers including the Gyrol® fluid drives originally produced by American Blower and now produced by Kraft Werks Engineering.

Engineering Services

Solidworks CAD Services by TRI engineering

TRI provides engineering support for new designs and design modifications. Our engineers have many years of experience in both modeling, structural analysis and material properties.

  • Rotor Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)


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General Manager

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CAD Designer


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