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Engineering services

Rotor Analysis and Computer Modeling

Rotor analysis and computer modeling engineering services

Turbo Research developed a series of proprietary computer programs for modeling and simulating the performance and vibratory behavior of complex bearing and flexible rotor-bearing system of all sizes. TRI has been using these programs since the early 1970s to understand the detailed performance of individual journal bearings and to predict accurately the vibratory behavior of complex rotor-bearing systems for specific tilt-pad bearing geometry.

Vibration Analysis

Turbo Research has been analyzing the vibration characteristics of rotor systems for many years. A combination of our vibration analysis and computer modeling has been the foundation for TRI engineering services. Many nagging problems experienced by utilities have been solved by a combination of TRI engineering services and TRI manufacturing capabilities.

TRI is equipped with an ADRE (Automated Diagnostic for Rotating Equipment) system for customers experiencing vibration problems that have no means to collect vibration data. This system is comprised of both the hardware and software to collect vibration data in real time and record it for analysis. Upon request, a TRI engineer can be available onsite to setup the ADRE system for data collection and training. Then when the data become available, it can be sent to TRI for analysis.

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

TRI embraced computer aided drafting in the 1980s when it became affordable for small companies. We have continued to advance in both technologies and improved CAD workflows. Our engineers can provide both 2D drawings for manufacturing and plotting, 3D models for simulations and 3D photo realistic renderings for conceptual presentations. Our engineers are experienced with mechanical parts and assemblies, hydraulic systems, electrical controls and more.

Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis is a method of understanding product behavior during the design phase. It can be used to study both the structural integrity of parts and assemblies, and the vibratory response of those parts to outside stimulus.

TRI provides engineering support for new designs and design modifications. Our engineers have many years of experience in both modeling, structural analysis and material properties.

Finite Element Analysis is a further complement to the many engineering services that TRI Transmission and Bearing Corporation provides to customers who are looking for one source to handle big project; jobs that require analysis, engineering, manufacturing, installation and validation.