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A review of past projects at TRI

TRI solved some very perplexing problems over the years. As is often the case, the first step is to identify accurately what the problem is, and then to design options to solve the problem. The following case studies are among many that have been solved by TRI. Should you have a similar problem, or a new problem, that is related to high amplitude vibrations – synchronous (“1-X”) or sub-synchronous, bearing damage, and/or fluid drive and flexible coupling issues, please contact TRI. TRI is interested in addressing such problems for our clients.

Often a client realizes he has a maintenance problem, and has been living with it for years believing that “that is just the way it is”. In most cases, TRI can identify the problem, and work with the client to bring TRI’s engineering and manufacturing skills to bear on the issue, and resolve it in a timely and cost-effective manner. No machine is too large or too small for us.


Case Study: Unevenly Heated Rotor

Case Study: Turbine-Condensate Correlations

Case Study: Repair of Severely Damaged Journals and Bearings

Case Study: Gear Box Bearing Upgrades

Case Study: Babbitt-Copper intermetallic compound layer

Fluid Drives

Case Study: Vibration Patterns Expected for Variable Speed Fluid Drives

Case Study: Fluid Drive for ID Fan

Case Study: Fluid Drive for Large Compressors and Pumps

Other Case Studies

New Emergency Lube Oil Pumps




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