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Rotor Design

TRI uses advanced proprietary modeling software to simulate the dynamics of turbomachinery and rotors. This software has been used over the years to solve many rotor vibration problems. By analyzing the bearings, support system and rotors as a system, TRI can locate design problems and consult with our customer to make improvements to their equipment.

TRI has a manufacturing facility in Lionville, PA that can manufacture many of the products we design. There are some rotors that we can not handle. Generator or turbine shafts for many power plants are beyond the machine capacities of our current equipment. In these cases, we work with our customers and outside manufacturing sources to design and implement the solution.




Coupling Design

It is possible to have two satisfactory machine components fail because of the coupling that connects them.

The coupling between machine elements must be properly designed, installed and maintained. A coupling should be designed to withstand the torque required for the application while accommodating misalignment between shafts. Because machine components move due to temperature, dynamic bending and bearings wear over time, some misalignment must always be accounted for. A coupling design should be able to handle angular, axial and radial misalignments and the amount of misalignment is a function of many factors.

TRI has experience with many applications that use all forms of couplings such as gear coupling, diaphragm coupling, spindle couplings and disc couplings. We can help you to analyze your system and determine your coupling requirements.