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U.S. Patents issued to TRI Transmission & Bearing Corp.

Patent 4,867,006: Rotating Shaft Mounted Actuating Mechanism

Patent 5,144,862: Rotating shaft mounted actuating mechanism

Patent 5,188,170: Rocker connection

Patent 5,207,903: Filter stand assembly

Patent 5,303,801: Brake assembly having an adjustable yoke

Patent 5,315,825: Oil system for constant input speed fluid drive

Patent 5,331,811: Fluid drive with ruggidized impellers

Patent 5,438,755: Method of making a monolithic shrouded impeller

Patent 5,505,662: Quick disconnect flexible geared coupling

Patent 5,573,374: Monolithic shrouded impeller

Patent 5,610,500: Method of converting turbine driven generator into a synchronous condenser

Patent 5,886,505: Apparatus and method for bringing on line a large synchronous condenser that cannot be started by an across the line start

Patent 6,712,516: Bearing spring plate pedestal

Patent 6,769,248: Fluid coupling for mobile equipment

Patent 7,004,626: Fast Acting Thermocouple

Patent 7,171,870: Geared fluid drive with parallel start-up capability

Patent 7,237,958: Bearing stiff plate pedestal

Patent 8,028,526: Geared Boiler Feed Pump Drive

Patent 9,841,055: Vertical Guide Bearing Improvements

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