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TRI Transmission and Bearing rebuilds, repairs and refurbishes all types of Babbitt bearings. As a bearing engineering, design, and manufacture source we have expertise in all aspects of bearing repair including bearing failure analysis. We repair Babbitt bearings under all conditions. TRI is very responsive when it come to refurbishing Babbitt bearings. Our staff are highly trained and skilled experts in bearing repair and can support any outage on a 24 hour a day 7 days a week schedule.

TRI understands your need to get your equipment back online as quickly as possible, whether you need our services for a scheduled preventive maintenance outage or an emergency outage, TRI will complete your Babbitt bearing repair on schedule and right in the industry. TRI can repair bearings up to 84" OD.

Our Repair Process:

  • Coordinate Shipping if required
  • Receive components
  • Photograph as received
  • Get components to ambient inspection temperature.
  • Disassembly, Clean, and Inspect
  • Visually inspect all components
  • Perform as received dimensional checks
  • Document as received dimensions
  • Test all RTD's or Thermocouples.
  • Hardness check pad support disks and pad domes.
  • Perform Babbitt bond UT inspections - Record results
  • Perform Dye Penetrate Inspections (DPI) - record results
  • Perform bearing failure analyses (if required)
  • Develop repair work-scope Submit for customer approval
  • Create Drawings and Travelers
  • Start repair bearings to original OEM features and dimensions or new dimensions required due to any new journal conditions
  • Re-Babitt bearings
  • Recondition joints (if needed)
  • Re-round bearings (if needed)
  • Modify any features required to maximize optimal operational conditions and minimize or eliminate repeated failure.
  • Finish machine repaired bearings
  • Final dimensional inspection - record results
  • Final UT Babbitt bond inspection - record results
  • Final Dye Penetrate Inspections (DPI) - record results
  • Photo Document
  • Coordinate shipping logistics
  • Build new heavy duty protective shipping crates if required
  • Coordinate shipping if required
  • Pack & Ship

Repair Facilities:

  • Babbitt hand welding
  • Static Babbitt casting
  • Centrifugal Babbitt casting machines up to 70" dia - 20,000 lbs.
  • Compliment of large Horizontal Boring Mills, Conventional and CNC
  • Compliment of large Vertical Boring Mills 24" through 84" CNC
  • Compliment of Bridgeport Mills
  • 2 to 7 ton cranes
  • 5,000 lbs. to 55,000 lbs. Fork trucks
  • OD and ID grinders
  • Blanchard grinder
  • Ultrasound
  • Dye Penetrate
  • Hardness Testers
  • Various other equipment

 Industries we serve with new Babbitt bearing design and manufacturing as well as bearing repair and engineering services


  • Bearing Supply Industries
  • Cement Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Coal Fired Power Plants
  • Crushed Stone/Lime Producers
  • Fossil Plants
  • Hydro/Pump Storage Plants 
  • Mines and mining industry
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • OEM's
  • Paper and pulp mills
  • Power Plants/Utility Industries 
  • Pump-Rotating Equipment Industries
  • Ship Yards
  • Sugar Mills
  • Steel Mills
  • Turbine Maintenance Industries
  • Turbine Manufacturers
  • Turbine Replacement Parts Industries
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer

Do more then repair the problem. Fix the problem.

TRI uses computer simulations to evaluate bearings . We use a vertically integrated process that goes from analysis and design to manufacturing and installation has resulted in an enviable experience record for both fixed bore bearings and tilt pad bearings. In the design process, TRI uses its proprietary computer programs to adjust the design in order to optimize oil film thicknesses, film pressures, bearing metal temperatures, and power losses, and at the same time, to suppress sub-synchronous rotor vibrations over the load range of the bearing application. For bearings from other manufacturers that have been damaged in service and are being repaired at TRI, we often propose design adjustments based on the results of TRI’s computer simulations.

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