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Tech Note August 1996

Technical Notes from Dr. Mel Giberson, P.E. – TRI President

Reduced Reliability of the AC Power Grid

The summer of 1996 has already seen three major power outages

Although deregulating power has reduced generating costs, the recent major power outages in North America confirms that the power grid reliability has been compromised. In response, generating plants should be:

  1. Implementing measures to protect against damage during such an outage
  2. Re-engineering for faster restarts with less complications

Turbo Research, Inc. offers proven solutions for increasing the ability of power generation equipment to survive outages and stabilize distribution systems.

  • “State of the Art” Emergency Lube Oil Systems for all types of rotating machinery
  • Journal and thrust bearings that are more resistant to short term interruption of the lube oil supply
  • Motor driven boiler feed pumps with variable speed geared fluid drives
  • Synchronous condensers converted from existing generators (all sizes) with independent starting capability

Don’t Wait For Problems

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