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TRI Video Gallery

Tilt Pad Bearings: Assembled Preload
Stiffness and Heat Gradients

Tilt Pad Bearings: Loading
Geometric and Assembly Preloads

Tilt Pad Bearings: 4 or 5 Pad?
Understand the Difference

Tilt Pad Tooling Package

Hydrogen Cooled Generator Upgrades

Centrifugal Babbitt Casting Animation

Assembly of a Tilt Pad Bearing with Saddle Blocks

Controlling Oil Whirl with Pressure Dam Bearings

Bearing Failure Caused by Dovetail Babbitt Joints

Flush Cock Valves

A time-lapse of the rotating element installation into a Size 250 dual circuit fluid drive

Tilt Pad Bearing Assembly

Fluid Drive Upgrades

Bearing Centrifugal Casting

TRI Lube Oil System